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Inventory Finance

Inventory finance (also known as Floorplan finance) is a form of asset-based lending that allows a business to use new or used inventory as collateral to obtain a revolving line of credit. The line of credit can be used to purchase additional new inventory from suppliers or to assist cashflow by financing existing unencumbered used equipment.

How does it work?

In conjunction with the Bank of Queensland, In Front can create a flexible revolving line of credit by utilising your inventory as collateral. Typically funding will be provided after purchasing invoices from suppliers or directly from customers and after the approval of a line of credit.

We can also offer an import line of credit to help free up your cashflow while your goods are in transit.


We offer Inventory Finance in the following industries:


  • Automotive

  • Motorcycles

  • Caravans

  • Transportation

  • Construction

  • Agriculture

Benefits of Inventory Finance
  • Enables your business to carry the required level of stock.

  • An alternative finance option when other financiers say no.

  • Provides cash flow when required.

  • Provides a standalone revolving line of credit, separate to your banking facilities.

  • Available for a wide range of equipment including recreational products.

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