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Case Study: Equipment Rental Solutions Keeping Transport Business on the Move

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

The bulk haulage industry plays an essential role in keeping the Australian mining sector moving - but without the right working assets, service delivery for transport businesses grinds to a halt.

Heavy haulage makes the transport of equipment to and from remote mine sites possible. But to do this successfully and safely, haulage companies need reliable access to high-quality equipment, day in and day out.

When a haulage company’s reputation relies on consistency and reliability, funding and securing new equipment quickly is critical. Whether an urgent replacement is needed or the goal is to increase capacity, funding these high-value asset purchases is one of the biggest challenges in the transport sector.

That’s where In Front Australian Business Solutions comes in. Our experienced team helps Aussie transport businesses get quick and cost-effective access to the equipment they need.

Customer Story: Million Dollar Machinery Financed in Just 10 Days

Product: Equipment rental

Purpose: Acquire critical assets for business growth

Amount: $1.3 million

The dedicated In Front team recently helped a long-term client acquire a Drake low loader trailer and dolly with a purchase price of over $1.3 million. We were able to put together a simple equipment rental solution, with the arrangement settled in just in ten days.

Client Background

This haulage sector business had been partnering with us for their finance needs since 2018. Since their initial enquiry via referral, the client has used our services for several equipment rental contracts during this time.

At In Front Australian Business Solutions, we are able to offer solutions to our clients that many traditional financiers can not. This is one of the biggest reasons our level of customer satisfaction is outstanding.

Having achieved fantastic results on their previous equipment rental requirements, the client turned to In Front to help them acquire this vital new asset. When returning for this new contract, they trusted they could count on us for a quick settlement period.

To make the asset finance process even smoother, we always take the time to understand exactly what our clients need. Our customer relationship managers have created a strong ongoing relationship with this client to ensure we are always on the same page.

The Perfect Equipment Rental Solution

The In Front team efficiently secured a rental agreement for a large low loader and dolly for our customer. This client has been able to enjoy a steady flow of profitable work and an increase in future bookings as a result of their asset acquisition.

At In Front, equipment rental enables our clients to rent premium equipment that we purchase on their behalf. These equipment rental contracts run on a fixed monthly payment with flexible contract terms. This provides a reliable and predictable finance option that allows businesses to get the assets they need quickly.

Our happy client can agree that the equipment rental process with In Front Australian Business Solutions is fast and easy. We believe that open communication and genuine partnership allows us to achieve the very best results for our clients.

When negotiating a new application, we aim to understand how the required equipment will be used by the client and the kind of contracts it will be involved in. When we understand the client’s business, including their growth goals or challenges they’re seeking to overcome, we can find the very best solutions for their unique needs.

The support received from In Front doesn’t end when the contract is signed, either - to keep lines of communication open, we keep in regular contact with the client. This allows us to discuss developments in the business, as well as reflecting on the current market and economic conditions to see how we can be of further assistance.

This ongoing relationship and strong communication is what allowed us to process such a big request in just ten days. Thanks to such a fast turnaround time, the client could enter into new tenders with confidence they would now have the capacity to fulfil them.

In Front Australian Business Solutions: The Equipment Finance Experts

If you need new equipment for your business, In Front Australian Business Solutions is ready to assist. With a network of over 25 lenders across Australia, our range of flexible finance products means we can find the solutions you need.

From equipment rental through to traditional asset finance, the experienced In Front team is here to guide you through the entire process. We take pride in supporting Australian businesses, and we aim to build a genuine relationship with every client.

To find out how we can keep your business on the move, get in touch with In Front Australian Business Solutions today.



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