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Our Equipment Rental product enables you to rent equipment from In Front that we purchase on your behalf. 

Alternately, our Sale and Leaseback product is a great solution for improving your cash flow by using the equity in your existing equipment. We understand the value of your asset, which means we are able to structure a Sale & Leaseback solution that utilises the equity in your equipment to provide a cash injection for your business. 

How does Equipment Rental work?

The In Front Equipment Rental solution allows us to buy equipment on your behalf or purchase your unencumbered equipment (Sale and Leaseback). We then rent the equipment back to your business for fixed payments over a fixed period.

At the end of the contract term your business can either return the equipment back to In Front or continue the rental agreement. Your business also has the option to purchase the equipment at market value.

Benefits of Equipment Rental

  • Fixed monthly rentals.

  • Your equipment is off balance sheet.

  • Flexible contract terms.

  • Available for most asset types.

  • Total rental payments can be claimed as a tax deduction.*

*Subject to circumstances

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